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Who we are

al-boraq was founded as a strategic project to comply with the sustainable development strategy (SDS), Egypt vision 2030,al-boraq was able to obtain the confidence of many customers during its short period of work. The volume of works for the projects we manage exceeds 27 billion pounds. Improvement is at the heart of what we offer, that translates into a focus on understanding our clients and their customers, to deliver outcomes that add value.

Our Approach

Providing a distinguished project management service for companies working in the field of construction in accordance with the latest international standards issued by the American Management Institute, which guarantees the success of projects and their implementation within the specified time, within the budget and with the required quality.

This methodology is summarized in the development of processes that guarantee the maximum types of control and quality distributed during the project phases (initiation period, planning, implementation, monitoring and control and closing the project). These processes surround the management of the following aspects:

  • Project integration management
  • Project scope management
  • Project time management
  • Project cost management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project resource management
  • Project Communications Management
  • Project risk management
  •  project needs management
  • Project Party Management


al-boraq aspires to become a leading and Project Management firm in the Middle East emphasizing quality of service to its clients through the application of state-of-the-art project management control systems and procedures. While al-boraq is broadening its market, client satisfaction will always be the basis for our success.


To operate an efficient, reliable and viable business enterprise by offering clients a value added service with focus on client satisfaction. Hire qualified staff and train them in the professional delivery of al-boraq services & al-boraq culture. al-boraq provide project management services that can be tailored to suite each client’s needs, varying from complete portfolio and program management services to specific consultancy service during the project life cycle.

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